If you live east of the Blue Ridge and north of Flordia, we offer three field guides to help you identify insects and spiders.  Although these are specifically for bugs of Northern Virginia, they are generally applicable for most of the central East Coast.  Wazzat Bug covers 975 species of insects and spiders.  Wazzat Lep is a subset, covering just 35 species of butterfly and 350 species of moth.  Wazzat Beetle includes 135 species of beetles.

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For the singer looking for the next killer lyric, Thirty Years in Flight offers 35 classics-in-waiting to satisfy the folk, C&W or pop artist.

For those rainy days when nothing but a book of poetry will do, The Ant Farm, Swatting Gnats and Hemolymph Moon are waiting for you.  Short, approachable volumes .

Do you know a child with an interest in things small and squiggly?  Amoebae are not Self-Aware is a great introduction to the smallest of creatures that live in and around us.  For the future microbiologist.

Charlie Gets Respect moves up in size to look at the insects that do the recycling in your back yard.  For the future entomologist.

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Just starting a child on the exciting road to literacy?  The Zoophabet is a great way to introduce the alphabet while engaging the child's imagination and ear for language.

Dealing with an uninterested reader?  There's Poo on my Shoe is a captivating poetic look into adolescent angst and imagination.

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