April 2018

You can count on your fingers, you can count on your toes, but you can’t count on the weather! That is certainly the case this year in Virginia, where winter seems to have taken up permanent residence.  We have had more snow this spring than we had all winter, and Easter has snow in the forecast.  We will remember this fondly in a few months, as heat and humidity drive us indoors; for now, however, we long for actual spring weather and an invitation to the outdoors.  Nature, meanwhile, laughs at our frailty and continues apace.  Birds are returning, green grass peeks through the snow, and daffodils are blooming even if the fruit trees are holding their buds.  To mark the formal transition of seasons, AEP has chosen a formal poetic style: a springtime sonnet.


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Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

Poem of the Month


                                   Awaiting Idunn

   Early morning coffee, as I sit
   Watching eagles dance above the lake;
   A single cherry blossom dares to take
   A peek, though winter cold will not submit.

   The eagles are unfazed, don’t mind the frost,
   A hearty group that stayed where now they brood,
   Their winter fare a feast of frozen food, 
   A smorgasbord of weakened mammals lost.

  The bounty of the lake is now revealed
   As ice recedes and waterfowl return,
   And springtime life comes back to fen and fern,
   Adorned for courtship, calling in the field.

   And from my window seat I watch the show,
   As green grass lies in wait beneath the snow.

  Lee Alloway 2018

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