Poem of the Month

Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

Where Old Fliers Come to Roost


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August 2018

We have just survived the wettest July on record.  The yard, normally bleached to amber by the July drought, is lush, verdant and soggy from house to bog.  It is a lovely scene, and one that supports a bumper crop of coleoptera, hymenoptera, hemipterans and their fellows.  For those who are a bit buggy for bugs, it is a bonanza.  Each day reveals another species previously hidden from even the most dedicated observer.  Here’s hoping the rains carry on thru August.  And speaking of August and carrying on, it’s time to write the August Poem of the Month.  Let’s feed the beast!

Ancient Eagle Press


                      Feeding the Beast

   Papers full of news that rankles,
   Chiggers chomping on my ankles,
   Storm clouds building in the East, 
   Time to go and feed the beast.

   Bills are piled upon the table,
   Stacked up like the Tower of Babel,
   Bread won’t rise without some yeast,
   Time to go and feed the beast. 

   Got no job to keep me busy,
   Too much coffee makes me dizzy,
   One thing I have left, at least:
   Time to go and feed the beast. 

   No one knocks and no one answers,
   Mimes admire the wooden dancers,
   Homeless nuns dream of a feast,
   Time to go and feed the beast. 

   Dumping letters in the chasm,
   Twitching with a sinner’s spasm,
   Tribute to a fallen priest,
   Time to go and feed the beast.

  Lee Alloway 2018