Sundae Worship

Hot fudge sundae, full of glace,
Empress of Epicurean Excess thou art!
Brightest star in dinner’s firmament,
Pies and cakes orbit thee with dour countenance.
Queen of Calories,
Tiramisu and kumquat custards
Bow down before thee.
In thy crystal flute,
A perfect orb upon cultured cacao,
Warmed with chocolate nectar,
Another orb atop.
You are bathed in sweetest syrup,
Steaming, succulent, sapid swirls
Adorned with aerosol topping
Of ingredients unknown in nature.
Walnut bits rain upon you,
A cherry of otherworldly color
Invites us to begin our journey of delight.
First the cherry, a bite that releases
A flood of sweet and tart.
We dive through aerosol clouds,
Walnuts giving up their woody essence.
Into the ice cream,
Each mouthful conjuring images of
Younger days and innocent joys,
As it cools the mouths and warms the spirit.
Thou art a delight of the moment,
A blessing for this day,
And a part of thee will remain with us always,
As we grow from belt to suspenders.

LA /2022


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Where Old Fliers Come to Roost

Poem of the Month

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Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

February 2022

The cold, like The Dude, endures!  We have not been snow-free in weeks.  While this is a normal condition in parts of the world, it is quite unusual for this part of the Mid-Atlantic states.  It is abnormal, but that is the usual state of the weather.  "Normal" is simply the average of all the abnormalities.  Given the inhospitable conditions outdoors, we at Ancient Eagle Press have turned our attention to finishing production of our three bug books.  Wazzat Bug?, Wazzat Lep?, and Wazzat Beetle? are now complete, so we can turn our attention to other projects.  Like consuming this gorgeous creation waiting before us.   RCJH