Bugs!  Who doesn't love bugs?  We certainly do here at Ancient Eagle Press!  We owe our very existence to bugs.  They provide us with nutrition and sanitation services, and are a vital link in the food chain.  They are also infinitely fascinating.  Learning about the bugs that live around you will help you protect them and in so doing, protect your environment. With more than one million species described (and millions more undescribed), it is often difficult to identify the bugs you see.  If you live in a Mid-Atlantic state--particularly in Northern Virginia -- the Wazzat books will help.  They contain only bugs commonly found in your area. 

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Wazzat Bug?  is an introduction to 975 common species of arthropods--spiders and insects--that live in Northern Virginia.  Most of these bugs are found throughout the Eastern United States.  Available as paperback or e-book.

Wazzat Lep?  is a shorter volume that takes a closer look at 385 species of lepidoptera -- butterflies and moths -- described in WazzatBug?  Available as paperback or e-book.

Wazzat Beetle?  is shorter yet, dedicated to our local beetles.  Available as paperback or e-book.

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