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For the Young Scientist

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Amoebae Are Not Self-Aware

A Look at the Small Side of Life

You've been to the zoo. You've been to New York. You've been to a Minnesota Vikings game. You thought you'd seen every weird thing there was. Well, NOT SO FAST! Amoebae Are Not Self-Aware introduces you to some of the amazing creatures you'll never see...creatures living around and inside you every day. This book is for the 8-year-old who wants to be a microbiologist, and for the microbiologist who wants to be an 8-year-old!

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Charlie Gets Respect

A Study in Backyard Recycling

If a bird falls in the forest, does he ever sing again? Charlie Gets Respect follows Charlie the Chickadee from his death through encounters with a series of bugs to his eventual recycling as a chickadee.

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