Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

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January 2018

What an odd year, 2017!  Although each year has its headline events, 2017 was filled with more than its fair share of unexpected surprises.   January found me in Brazil searching for bugs and birds in the retreating Atlantic Coastal Forest.  May began the process of renovating a “final” house after 37 moves.  June was spent in Italy visiting old haunts and discovering new ones.  Fall was a time of transition as we moved deliberately into the new house and discovered the abundant nature that now surrounds us.  All this played against the background of an absurdist political climate and other disasters natural and unnatural.  How fitting that the year should end with an event totally out of context: A small flash mob appeared in the street in front of our house New Years Eve and, in 19-degree temperatures, proceeded to have a wedding!  I wish the happy couple, whoever they may be, a warm and wonderful new year!

In keeping with the rather irregular and uncertain nature of the past year, I offer as the January Poem of the Month one of my favorites from  Swatting Gnats (2012), with a shout out to Erwin Schrödinger who would have been 47,624 days old today :

                          Schrödinger's Cat is Out of the Box
                             and May Have Fled the State

   Midnight passed some time ago, or so it seems to me
  From where I sit in the lab with the clock mocking me from the wall.
  Examining the evidence like a forensic detective,
  I find uncertainty at every turn.  I suspect Heisenberg,
  Though my observations might have contaminated the evidence.
  My investigation and my thoughts become increasingly random.
  On the window, scrawled in glycerin, “S=k log W”. 
  Boltzmann must have had a hand in this!
  Opening The Book, I dive into spacetime, seeking answers.
  Running from the scene, I glance over my shoulder
  And see the crime undone, one step back by one step back,
  Discrete layers of time peeling away.
  I see me at the computer, at the moment of the cat’s escape,
  Committing e-mail to the Internet;
  I see me reflecting and revising, forming random feelings
  Into thoughts that bring order to my perceptions;
  As I run faster, I see vignettes, exchanges, data points
  Without individual meaning, forming a reality in aggregate.
  So where was the crime? 
  I turn and run back toward the lab,
  Moving forward in space and in time,
  Peering into the Future, which coexists with Past and Now. 
  Perhaps the future holds the key. 
  Perhaps the consequences will determine
  The gravity of the offense and reveal whether
  The crime was in the observation, or in the interpretation,
  Or in the telling.

  Lee Alloway
  from Swatting Gnats, 2012

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