I'll Never Say Goodbye

  Long ago we traveled, unquestioning, around the world

  Separated only by years, you as sunlight in my shadow
  You followed me into the sky, but came to earth too soon
  I said “Later” when we parted, but I never said goodbye.

  We laughed in those early days
  Grand adventures, taboos broken
  Yet you ran too hard for too many years
  And then were gone, but I never said goodbye.

  We walked hand in hand across the world
  Lived as one, gave life and comfort
  Yet fate was cruel and unrelenting
  I cried when you passed, but I never said goodbye.

  I was captured by your eyes, the softness of your touch
  Words unspoken, my foothold shattered
  I hurt us both, more from fear than understanding
  I lost you in the night, but I never said goodbye.

  You live now as shadows in my heart
  Your voices whisper in my ear, you guide without judging
  You fill the albums of my mind with joy that cannot die
  And until we meet again, my loves, I’ll never say goodbye.


   Lee Alloway / 2018

Where Old Fliers Come to Roost

Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

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January 2019

Another January, another New Year.  This is culturally a time to look forward, to set goals or resolve changes for the year ahead.  As I write this, however, it is actually New Years Eve, a time less for looking forward than for looking back.  This is the day of remembrance, as Robert Burns (he of Alloway, Scotland) has recorded, for “Auld Lang Syne”— for old time’s sake.  Our vision of the future is limited and uncertain; searching, we reach our hand into a mist.  The past is vast and unchanging, yet as we reach back there is no way to touch time or people gone by.  As Burns says,

                      “…seas between us braid hae roar'd
                                        Sin auld lang syne.”

Indeed, broad seas…chasms…separate us and cannot be spanned.  So, for old time’s sake, we remember those past and hold them dear once more.  For in truth, we never said goodbye.

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