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Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.


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  April 2016 -- At Night She Cries

Where Old Fliers Come to Roost

Ancient Eagle Press

June 2019


                                   The Queen of Malvern

   I am the princess of all I survey, 
  The Kingdom of Malvern will be mine one day,
  My crown will have jewels, my robe will be silk,
  And princes will offer me cookies and milk. 
  My subjects will love me, they know it is true,
  That I'm pretty and smart and know good things to do,
  I'll have them recycle and have them all jog,

  Each subject must bag all the poo from his dog. 

  Cats, if they're out, must be walked on a string,
  Cause they bother the birdies that nest in the spring,
  School will start late and end early each day,
  Cause kids should sleep in and have free time to play. 

  Shoes will be banned cause they sometimes cause blisters,
  And brothers must always be nice to their sisters.
  And rainbows are great so I think bye and bye,
  I'll order a rainbow in everyone’s sky. 

  I'll turn down the heat on a hot summer day,
  And warm up the snow so it's more fun to play,
  I'll give Mommy a raise and give everyone steak,
  Then I'll order my cousins to jump in a lake. 

  Ice cream will never cost more than a nickel,
  The hot dogs will come with an extra dill pickle,
  So people will cheer, it will be quite a scene,
  In the Kingdom of Malvern when I become Queen!               


   Lee Alloway

   from "There's Poo on my Shoe", 2015