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                                        March Madness

March is winter's sucker hole and gladly I dive in.

  Snowdrops and crocus jewel the lawn,

  Hyacinth, jonquil and tulip sniff the air,

  A tease of warmth on every breeze.

  Flower beds are cleaned and wear new mulch,

  Fallen branches cleared and burned,

  Netting off the pond,

  Stirring fishes from their torpor.

  The hazelnut begins to yawn,

  Catkins stretching from their winter sleep,

  Pendulous, languid, dancing in the wind,

  Their ladies blooming scarlet, unnoticed on bare limbs.

  Bikes off the rack, chains oiled, tires filled,

  A month before the warblers migrate north.

  On the horizon dark clouds gather,

  Chasing springtime dreams before the storm.


  L. Alloway

  from The Ant Farm (2011)


March 2017

February is blessedly -- or frustratingly -- short.  For those cloistered at home against the howling winds of winter, tearing another page off the calendar is much needed therapy.  The calendar now reads "March, the Gateway to Spring!"  What a joy!  For those who planned to complete all their New  Years Resolutions  before it was time to get the kayak back in the water, February slips by almost in an instant while the Great American Novel is still bogged down on Chapter Two.  In either case, February is now behind us and March, as is its habit, is coming in like a lion or lamb and will surely be some of each before April arrives.  Here in Virginia March is predictably unpredictable, offering us a taste of springtime sandwiched between two slices of winter.   It is both the cause and the cure for March madness, celebrated in the March Poem of the Month.  Enjoy.

Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

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