Swatting Gnats

Dang!  Take that!
   Dang!  Take that!
   Dang nuisance.  Pests.  Swarming around my head,
   Distracting.  Annoying.  They won’t go away,
   And won’t come together.

   “Peeling back the artichoke, savoring the meat…”

   “Reflecting in the pond, your face becomes my own…”

   “Blowtorch rolling down I-10, grasshoppers frying in the pan…”

   “You are my soul, torn from my heart one cruel summer night…”

   "There once was a three-legged frog, in a hole in a hickory log…”

   “Morning sun dancing on dew-drenched fronds…”

  Shut out the noise.
   There is no music in my soul today;
   The chorus taunts me.

   “So gather in the dark of night and circle round my bed…”

   “If Miss Pickel lived in Galena,
   And Ana Tase dined on rutile, would Brookite be there,
   And would anyone care
   That Ty Tanium led for a while…”

   “My mouth full of ashes, my heart washed with tears…”

   “Our hands pressed against the glass, never touching…”

   “Staring at the sun, I never saw you passing,

   yet heard the echo of your loneliness…”

    “The saddest words are those I never spoke…”

   “The nearness of you kindles joy and new light; my soul                       ascends…”

   “How can this be, that time has no meaning…”

   “The eyes look, and I see the world;

   "The mind considers, and I understand the truth;
   Still the heart yearns, and my dream beckons.”

   Dang nuisance, like teenage kids: 
   Unruly, unformed, don’t say what they mean,
   With years of missteps before they mature.


   Lee Alloway

   from "Swatting Gnats", 2012

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