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November 2018

It has been a watershed month for the staff of Ancient Eagle Press.  Our resident photographer and archivist of all things digital has had two of his images given international exposure.  "The Eyes Have It," his picture of a hoverfly, was selected through the 2018 National Insect Salon to be shown at the Entomological Society of America's annual convention in Vancouver.  In addition, his picture of a flying squirrel, "Is it Safe Yet?" was chosen from among 23,000 images submitted to the National Wildlife Federation's 2018 Photo Contest to be included in the Dec-Jan issue of National Wildlife magazine.  Meanwhile, he's just kicking back and letting his imagination run wild, practicing his own brand of Meditation.

Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

Poem of the Month



  At rest in my aerie above the water
  Where currents carry memories
  Unquestioned and untested,
  Cosseted by the lake
  Until dream-gusts roil the surface,
  Kick up waves,
  Muddy the water.
  It is then I dive
  Into the chaotic colloid of memory-dreams
  Emerging acid-washed,
  Half blind and disoriented
  By events that may have been
  Or never were.
  Of such is Poetry born.

   Lee Alloway / 2018