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Each month Ancient Eagle Press offers a poem appropriate to the season or the mood of our editorial staff.   Poems may be new or drawn from existing AEP editions.

Ancient Eagle Press

November 2021

We've been away a long time and some explanation is in order.  Two years ago life was interrupted by COVID-19.  As reported earlier, the entire staff and faculty of Ancient Eagle Press, along with our interns, groupies, and Underwood typewriters decamped to a cave in the High Carpathians until it was safe  to venture out maskless.  Cave life does not inspire poetry, but it does give you a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life.  I'm talking bugs!  Cave crickets.  Amblypygids.   Writhing things that eat bat guano.  When we finally returned to the sunshine, we were inspired to share our new-found love of bugs with you. 

Hurrying to our pre-COVID headquarters in exurban Virginia, we spent the next year looking under rocks, up-skirting trees, and blacklighting the back yard to discover what was there.  What we found and photographed was 975 species of bugs.  The result is our newest book, Wazzat Bug?  A Guide to Common Arthropods of Culpeper County and Northern Virginia.   Bugs being bugs, the vast majority of Northern Virginia bugs are found throughout the Mid-Atlantic states so if you or your loved ones happen to live in our area, this could be an unexpected and welcomed holiday gift.  Available on Amazon, e-book or paperback.  Just click on the pic to the right.

Enough of the commercial.  You came here for the Poem of the Month.  Since November starts with Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), it's only right to offer a contemplation on mortality and reality, remembrance and impermanence.  This one is for you, Bill.  Gone but never forgotten.

Poem of the Month

November Poem of the Month

The Conceit of Immortality


Again I sit and read your book.
Your words fall softly on my ears
Beneath your oil, a twisted green
Enigma hanging these three years.
You left too young yet still are seen
Within your work  In oil and ink
You ask the question, never posed:
"Friend, do we really live and think,
Or when my eyes have finally closed,
My lips no longer sing my song,
When all my books have turned to dust,
And all my friends have moved along,
When all I built has gone to rust
And moss consumed the garden wall,
When all I had has blown away,
Will I have ever lived at all?"

LA /2021

Where Old Fliers Come to Roost