September 2016

Welcome to September.  The kids are back in school and plans have already begun for football games, homecomings and reunions.  For some, reunions are a chance to catch up with old friends, or perhaps make a new friend they never got around to knowing in their teen years.  For some, reunions are simply an excuse for excess not allowed in less-forgiving company.  But for a few--those who have crossed some of life’s more sobering thresholds--reunions can be something more.  To those few, we dedicate September’s Poem of the Month: Do You?

Ancient Eagle Press

                                                         Do You?

 Do you feel the spirits pass,
 Hear them singing at the dawn,
 Join their dancing in the rain?
 Do you look at night and see
 Miles of velvet for the sky,
 Heaven’s glory twinkling through?

 Do you harbor in your heart,
 Laughter tumbling out in words
 Pushing troubled years aside?
 Do you think that there could be
 One last chance for us to share
 Dreams we buried long ago?

 If you do, then take my hand,
 Talk a while, and with a glance
 Let’s be young and laugh and dance,
 Leave our baggage at the door,
 Let the weight of years fall by,
 And for one moment of one night,

 Once again, believe.

    by Lee Alloway


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